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At its best, real estate is actually about building a community.  And a good realtor understands that the best thing she can do for her business is to think of herself as a partner of the area she serves.  By helping it grow and become more desirable, she’s investing in her own business too.  This idea that our company will prosper only if we help our community to prosper as well is at the heart of our philosophy at The Real Estate Gallery.

From the very beginning, we did things differently.  Two different agents from two different agencies came together with a dream of creating a new way to do business.  We would work together as a team, leaving behind the cutthroat solo approach so common in the industry and become true partners to the businesses, families, and community we serve.

Since its beginnings in March 2007, The Real Estate Gallery has come a long way.  And we’re proud to say that we’ve accomplished so many of our big dreams.  We’ve grown and seen unparalleled success, and have been proud to see Dallas County grow and succeed as well.  We’ve helped bring retail establishments to the area by providing newly renovated retail space as well as loft apartments in the 2 buildings we have renovated.  And we’ve helped many others find that perfect place to call home.  Most importantly, through it all, we’ve remained dedicated to the idea that our mission is to do what we can to move Selma forward, one property at a time. Of course, it’s easy to feel such a strong tie to a place when it has become such a meaningful part of your life.  Perhaps the reason that we work so hard to meet the needs of businesses and families looking to settle in the Dallas County area comes from our own pride and investment in the community.

We take our commitment to service seriously, in both our professional and personal lives.   From the Red Cross and Chamber of Commerce to local charities, we are deeply committed to community service and making this area a better place to live and work. When you are looking for a real estate agent, call The Real Estate Gallery.  You’ll get more than just an agent.  You’ll get an experienced and knowledgeable team that is passionate about finding you the perfect place to set down roots in the Dallas County area.